Singer Paint Restoration

 Right after I got my funding in from Kickstarter I went downtown and bought an industrial. My Singer 403 although very pretty was not up to the task of effortlessly carving though hundreds of seats. So I bought this Singer 110W124, made in Bridgeport, Connecticut probably between 1945-1950. It's possibly a war era casting, however it's impossible to tell. Records for W Series machines where lost in a fire.  

This machine features a relatively simple single needle and bobbin. It is interesting because it has a double wheel feed system. This feeds leather through the machine at a constant rate instead of "walking" and allows for super smooth curved stitching. The 110 series was part of a group of many machines designed specifically for sewing uppers on leather shoes. 

One big problem has been apparent since I bought the machine, Its really ugly paint. Singer only made industrial machines in this era in Black. This had two terrible coats of dripping cheap spray paint on it with a crooked over sprayed Singer stencil on the front. Those of you who know my brother and I know we have a heavy distain for the color Beige, and staring at the same color as a 93 Dell monitor all day was too much to bare.

Nothing a little Citristrip cant take care of.

Halfway done

After a good scrape down and a rub over with a wire wheel it's looking a lot better. I'm going to leave it raw Iron for now but I have plans ...