New Machine & New Nightmares.... the Singer 52W19 saga

So I purchased a second machine. This Singer 52W19 was made in the same factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut as my 110W but is probably a little older. I bought this machine to do parallel needle stitch lines in a single pass and for it's unique post bed design. However the machine was packed pretty poorly and the v-belt wheel was shattered in shipping. A part from the 40's which is not easily replaced. Luckily the wheel from my 110W fits with out problems and I was able to get it running. Or so I thought, the next challenge has been to adjust the bobbin spacing to accommodate the new narrower needle gauge of 1/8th. As you can see the bottom of this machine looks like a lot of fun. With luck I should have it all tuned up soon, It’s been a adventure to get it to this point.