Choosing the Right Bar Tape

We get a lot of questions about which bar tape is right for different types of bars, so we thought we'd go into a little detail about choosing the right bar tape for your bars. If we didn't answer your question here. feel free to shoot us an email-

Traditional Leather Bar Tape

Our Traditional Style Leather Bar Tapes are designed to fit bars of any shape and size. Each strip is 6ft+ which is more than enough length to cover Ergo bars or larger sized bars. Larger strips are available upon request as well.

Woven Leather Bar Wraps - Track

Our Italian Woven Full and Short Track Wraps fit bar sizes 22.2mm and 23.8mm. These Woven Wraps have a bit of flexibility in sizing (think Chinese finger trap) and can be stretched or squished to fit most non-aero bars.

Woven Wraps for Levers

Our Woven Wraps for Levers can fit bars sizes 22.2mm and 23.8mm, and they come with cuffs to cover the area around the hoods. You can accommodate one cable beneath the wraps, two can get tricky. These fit most standard round bars. These are not a good option for Aero or Ergo bars.

Our Woven Wrap X Traditional Wrap combo is the best way to get the Woven Wrap look with aero or oddly shaped bars. The Woven section covers the drops with Traditional Leather Bar Tape for the top. This is also a great option if you want the look of Woven Wraps with easy access to your cables.