Custom Stingray Leather Selle Italia XC for Borealis Fat Bikes

This is a Selle Italia XC built for a good friend using pebbled black Stingray leather. If your out on the Freeride circuit  in Colorado this summer be on the look out for this seat on a Borealis. This stingray is different leather then I've ever encountered. The surface is covered with pebbled domes of hardened Calcium that essentially act as armor plating. The center white eye is naturally occurring after the hide is dyed. Stingray hide is available in a wide range of colors and in smooth sanded surface as well as the pebbled natural surface on this seat. I expect it to hold up to just about anything that gets thrown at it.  

Stingray-leather-seat-bike-bicycle-sting-ray-reupholstered-Selle-Italia-SLR-XC-Hand-made-Texas-italy-custom-roadbike-busyman-exotic-fixie-cyclocross-bike-custom-leathercraft-carson-leh-sply-mfg-borealis-fat-bikes .jpg