Leh Cycling Goods is featured in Bicycling Magazine's October issue in the "Made in Cycling" article.  Read Full Text

Leh Cycling Goods is featured in Bicycling Magazine's October issue in the "Made in Cycling" article. Read Full Text



This summer, the Texas Country Reporter crew was nice enough to come visit our shop and chat with Carson about his custom design process, and how a recovered leather saddle can give the modern cycling the best in both looks and comfort. Watch the video and let us know what your think!

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Leh Seats Are Almost Too Gorgeous to Sit On

Saddles are important. The right one transforms the experience of riding a bike, and they play a crucial role in a bike’s appearance (if you’re into that kind of thing).

If you have a beloved saddle that’s starting to show its age, or your dream bike needs that last touch to make it look just perfect, Carson Leh is the fairy godfather you’ve been looking for. His company Leh Seats offers popular saddles recovered with his designs, leather bar tape, and a recovering service for your favorite saddle. Leh also creates full custom saddle covers, bar tape and seat bags... Read More

Beautiful Custom Saddles from Leh Seats

Saddle comfort is essential to a happy bike ride – it doesn’t matter how pretty your perch is, if it’s hurting you you’ll spend more time looking at it than cycling. 

However, if you’re lucky enough to have already found the perfect saddle for you, then Leh seats might well be able to help you show it exactly how much you love it... Read More

Carson Leh Custom Seats

Carson Leh is a name I had been seeing pop up a lot this past year. I first saw his beautiful handcrafted leather covered seats a few years ago and was actually one of the first things I ever posted on the site. I’ve always been really excited by custom work, especially with things that take time and dedication to learn. Carson’s seats are of an incredibly high quality and are made to order and available directly off his website... Read More

Leh Seats – Custom Made Leather Bicycle Saddles

In a world of cookie cutter graphics based seats, Carson Leh is creating his unique vision of what a bespoke BMX saddle could be. Drawing on the influence of fine dress shoe designs, Carson has carved out a niche with his elegant custom seats. In this documentary he talks about how things begun and where Leh Supply and Manufacturing is headed... Read More