Work at David Hertz Architect FAIA

Work at David Hertz FAIA & The Studio of Environmental Architecture

For the past 3 years I worked for FAIA Architect David Hertz at his Venice Beach firm The Studio of Environmental Architecture. Although I was originally hired as a part-time digital media manger, I was quickly advanced to other duties. My primary duties where graphic design, print book development, concept art, architectural rendering, digital media and web site management. I regularly develop and manage RFP books and presentations for large scale commercial projects, most recently for the new Bergamot Station Arts Center. I also regularly served as S.E.A's in-house photographer and videographer, documenting our new projects for print and web content. Finally I provide industrial design and fabrication services that include custom lighting, architectural fixtures, furniture and Avant-garde fashion pieces. 

Key Accomplishments at S.E.A

  • Bergamot Station Arts Center concept renderings, RFP & RFQ
  • Brentwood School RFP & RFQ
  • AK Hotel RFP & RFQ
  • Designed comprehensive coffee table book of the entire architectural works of David Hertz
  • Designed, constructed and installed the Zeppelin lamp at 57 Market St.
  • Designed and manage all new firm web site using the Square Space web platform. 
  • Completed the first set of professional photographs for the 747 Wing House
  • Designed and created construction drawings for residential bridge on Olive St.
  • Designed and created shop drawings for stainless steel intercom enclosure at 57 Market St.
  • Filmed and edited multiple promotional videos for housing projects and marketing
  • New media file distribution system, which drastically reduced media request response time.
  • Designed and helped built two custom long boards
  • Developed Marine Mammal Rescue Center design concept using the Sea Shadow, the first stealth boat.
  • Created concept architectural renderings, site plan and book for 360 Acre roperty in Malibu, Ca.

Renderings & Photoshop 

Due to my training in Industrial design style rendering and advanced photography and photoshop knowledge I was the firms go to for any retouching or rendering needs. I dramatically improved the presentability and quality of the concept work at the firm during my 3 years there. The following gallery's show renderings from a number of projects as well as examples of advanced photoshop retouching.  

These are photos below are examples of photos taken by me and retouched with additional added Photoshop photorealistic rendering.  

Original Facade 

Original Facade 

Rendered version includes aspect ratio change, modified window frame design, woodwork, repair of damaged brick work, lighting and address signage.

Rendered version includes aspect ratio change, modified window frame design, woodwork, repair of damaged brick work, lighting and address signage.

Photo with unfinished reflecting pool

Photo with unfinished reflecting pool

Rendered version used mirrored reflection rules and photoshop filters to create the reflection pond. The pond was later photographed when finished but proved difficult to capture and this rendering is still used as the best image of the project 

Rendered version used mirrored reflection rules and photoshop filters to create the reflection pond. The pond was later photographed when finished but proved difficult to capture and this rendering is still used as the best image of the project 

57 Market St Lamp

Conceived as a skeletal wood zeppelin, the nearly 12 ft long lamp fills the ceiling of S.E.A's 57 Market st office. The fixture is built around a salvaged sailboat jib boom. The exterior frame is formed out of cut concentric rings of plywood and bent plywood strips.  The lamp is lit via eight T5 fluorescent tubes, which combined with track lighting along the walls easily illuminates the room.  It is always the topic of conversation when new clients or or guests arrive at the office and is one of my favorite creations.

Building the Zeppelin Lamp

I was commissioned by David Hertz to create a wood framed lamp inspired from a smaller glass fixture in his home. From this general shape I designed and engineered the lamp's plywood rings and ribs using SketchUp Pro. Upon completing the engineering and materials selection the rings where drafted and cut by hand. Multiple spacing and length iterations where explored to fit the Jib mast because it was introduced to the design after engineering.  Once a final layout was agreed on, the lamp was assembled with epoxy and high strength screws. The plywood skeleton was suspended from the boom by .25 Aluminum rods which where epoxied in place. The entire skeleton of the lamp floats off the main boom from these eight points. After electrical installation the lamp was transported to the 57 Market St office where it was skinned with multiple panels of Japanese Goji paper.  The lamp was hung with recycled rigging cable and turnbuckles which thread through a custom cut Aluminum mounting plate. The entire lamp weighs less than 75lbs and took a month to complete.

Graphic Design

Graphic design was one of my primary duties at David Hertz Architects. Graphics where used in number of mediums from web sites, print media, event fliers and banners, educational presentations, portfolio books, RFP books and concept art. Graphics where made using both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Architectural Photography & Editing 

My skills and 10 years experience in digital photography allowed the firm to source all photography from within. I photographed a number of residential projects and my photos of the 747 wing house have been published internationally in numerous magazines and on the web. 

Bergamot Station Arts Center

The Bergamot Arts center project book was a collaborative effort from a number of architectural firms, landscape designers, developers, engineers and interaction designers. The booklet is nearly 400 pages and was created in collaboration with me and a media firm ReBar Group. In collaboration with project managers from all firms I was responsible for creating the book and included architectural renderings, site lay out graphics, concept art and a fly through animated video which you can watch below.

Explorations Towards a Restorative Architecture 

This nearly 300 page hardbound portfolio book is a comprehensive collection of every architectural project created in David Hertz's professional career. I created the entire book using Adobe InDesign as well a curated a digital archive of photographs from over 30 years of projects. The book includes many of my own photographs of the 747 Wing House, Hermosa House, and Navy projects. 

AK Hotel Venice RFP

The AK hotel is a large scale 4 story multi use hotel development using existing structures on the extremely busy Abbot Kinney Blvd. I created this nearly 200 page presentation book using a number of software programs. The book outlines the history of venice and prospective floor plans and theme boards. As a result of my work on the RFP the firm was awarded the project. I subsequently went on to complete over 20 conceptual renderings which helped gain the approval of the most difficult neighborhood councils and the project is now in early construction design stages and will break ground in 2015. 

Brentwood School RFP

Brentwood School s a well known private school in the hills above Santa Monica. I created this RFP response book working jointly along side David Hertz FAIA and Thomas Blurock FAIA who we collaborated with on the submission. The booklet was created entirely by me using Adobe InDesign and was delivered in an extremely short timeframe ahead of schedule.  

Venice History Surfboard

S.E.A was asked to contribute a surfboard for the Venice Art Walk. The surfboard was auctioned off to benefit the Venice Family Clinic. Shaped by Jeffrey Sudzin of Om Surfboards and glassed by Dan Cobley-   of DANC Surfboards. The design was assembled by Carson Leh and is directly inspired from Charles & Ray Eames's slide photo mood boards often found in their art and around their Washington Blvd office.   It features archival photos of Venice Beach landmarks, figures, designs, artists, stars, rebels and culture through out the decades. The board received great attention at the auction from other board shapers because of the extremely large printed goji paper graphic laminated underneath the fiberglass.  The first board sold at auction for raising almost $1000 for the Venice Family Clinic, the second board hangs in the lobby of Studio EA's 57 Market St. office. 

Day In The Life Video of David Hertz For

As part of a online feature for I created this day in the life video for David Hertz. The video was edited using FinalCut X and shot by me using a Canon 5D MRK II.

SOHO House Venice RFP

Soho house is a hotel and entertainment venue chain that expressed an interest in building a new construction on venice beach. This project book was an exploratory analysis of the existing site and structures. As well as an outline of the history and culture of Venice Beach California.   


Olive Bridge-Concept Renderings

I developed design concepts for this steel bridge remodel in Venice Beach. By coordinating directly with the client multiple CAD concepts where developed using SketchUp Pro. I then created shop drawings and worked with structural engineers and contractors for bidding, fabrication and installation.

Marine Mammal Rescue Center-Concept 

One of my early research projects was to explore the feasibility of developing scrap ship hulls into usable architectural components for large commercial building projects. My original objective was to obtain information regarding the acquisition of a large ocean going vessel from the Suisun Bay Ghost Fleet to flip and use as the roof structure for the construction Marine Mammal Rescue Center, a Pro-Bono new construction at Dockweiler State Beach. After contacting many military and government agency's  it was found that even if a ship was donated the cost in cleaning and deconstruction was too great.  In my research I did discover one possible vessel that was a feasible candidate. The current project concept uses the hull of the once top secret DOD project known as the Sea Shadow. Built as a test bed for sea-going stealth technology the ship never saw active service and was retired into the Suisun Bay Ghost fleet near Oakland, California.

In order to be constructed the Sea Shadow's super structure would become the roof and upper level of the MMRC. The lower level floor would be constructed underneath 18ft ceilings created by the catamaran under body of the Sea Shadow.  Solar arrays will provide power to augment natural lighting. Solar evacuated tube arrays will provide heating for fresh water use and radiant flooring. f  finished facility will quadruple Los Angeles County's capacity to care for injured marine mammals.

Extensive work was done to attempt to procure the Sea Shadow from the US Navy and other US Government agencies to save it from its fate as scrap. Unfortunately due to the top secret materials and design of the vessel. The only available course for the Sea Shadow at the time of our project was complete disassembly, and conversion into an building was not viable.  The MMRC project is still on going and we are still exploring new large scale industrial recycling for the building